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Our range of innovative Software Solutions and Web Services will help you in the creation and collection of Direct Debit Instructions. All of our products are easy to use for anyone familiar with Windows applications and can be used for payments, collection, payroll, address lookup, bank account validation and more. Find out more about how our software could help your business today.

SHA-2 and TLS Migration

If you would like to find out more about the Bacs Migration to SHA-2 and TLS, we are holding a webinar to explain, in hopefully not too technical terms, what the Bacs migration is all about. We will explain why Bacs are introducing the changes, and how it affects your Bacs Approved Software as well as any impact when you log into Bacs Payment Services. If you are using older operating systems or browsers we can discuss how that may affect your use of Bacs Services. You do not need to be a customer to attend. Sign up here.

Bacs are making changes to the way their security works. When your files are sent to Bacs, or you log into Bacs your Bacs Software creates a digital signature using your smartcard certificate. This means that when data is received by Bacs they can be assured the file has not been altered during transport over the internet. There was a time when the SHA-1 hash was thought to be very secure. Times have changed, 128 bit hash is now not thought to be secure enough for your financial transactions and everything is moving to a more secure SHA-2 hash. Find out more about what you need to do here, or make an enquiry here.

About Mosaic

Mosaic Software is a leading provider of software solutions and web based services. As well as striving to design and develop the very best in solutions, we are committed to the maintenance of your system once installed and to provide prompt and helpful technical support when required.

We are a BACS Approved Solution Supplier. Our payments solutions which include BACS Payments and Direct Debit Software are widely regarded as the easiest to use and most cost effective in the market today. You can view a summary of our software products here.

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Provides the ideal, easy to use, software solution to meet the needs of any organisation, regardless of size. Our customers range from very small organisations to central government and local councils.

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Mandate Express

Our best selling direct debit management software. Mandate Express is a simple to learn one place management suite for all your direct debit needs.

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Bacscom Cloud

With lower initial cost, and no management to be done with the software on your part, Bacscom Cloud is a cheap and easy direct debit processing application.