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Bacs Software

Bacs Approved Software is a requirement if you want to transmit payments or collect direct debits directly through Bacs Payment Services. Mosaic Software is one of the leading providers of Bacs Software to both large and small organisations throughout the UK. We are a Bacs Approved Solution Supplier (BASS).

Maintaining tight control over financial transactions is crucial in today's difficult financial climate. BacscomIP provides a fast and secure payment solution allowing you to integrate with accounting and payroll systems to make Bacs payments and collect Direct Debits.

BacscomIP provides the ideal, easy to use, software solution to meet the needs of any organisation, regardless of size. Our customers range from very small organisations to central government and local councils.

Competitive and fair pricing

We take pride in providing software at a fair price. If your Bacs approved solution supplier is charging you for upgrades then please call us. You will likely find our price to purchase our solutions is less than other software suppliers charge to perform an upgrade.

Assistance when you need it

Our staff has excellent working relationships with the banks and will assist you when completing your sponsoring bank's application forms. As well as installing the software our services include integrating it with your accounting or payroll systems, full training in the use of the software and the testing required by your sponsoring bank to make you a live Bacs submitter.

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BacscomIP in summary
  • Mosaic Software is a Bacs Approved Solution Supplier (BASS)

  • BacscomIP is Bacs Approved Software

  • Pay salaries, wages, supplier payments or any other payments by Direct Credit.

  • Collect subscriptions, club fees, insurance premiums or any other collections by Direct Debit

  • Regular updates of the ISCD to validate sort codes.

  • Modulus check performed on sort code and account combination.

  • Secure, uses 128 bit encryption

Some help with the acronyms.
  • AUDDIS - Automated Direct Debit Instruction Service.

  • ADDACS - Automated Direct Debit Amendment and Cancellation Service.

  • ARUDD - Automated Return of Unpaid Direct Debits.

  • DDAN - Direct Debit Advance Notice.

  • DDICA - Direct Debit Indemnity Clain Automation.

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