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BacscomIP and Bacscom Cloud

Maintaining tight control over financial transactions is crucial in today's difficult financial climate. BacscomIP and Bacscom Cloud are fast and secure payment solutions that allow you to integrate with accounting and payroll systems to make Bacs payments and collect Direct Debits easily.

  • Simple and intuitive to use
  • Comprehensive audit trail
  • Variable security levels allows the administrator to limit the functions a user can access
  • Fast and secure
  • Automatic regular updates of the ISCD
  • Access Bacs Reports directly through the software

Competitive and Fair Pricing

We take pride in providing software at a fair price. If your Bacs approved solution supplier is charging you for upgrades then please call us. You will likely find our price to purchase our solutions is less than other software suppliers charge to perform an upgrade.

Assistance when you need it

Our staff will perform the full installation and provide full training in the use of the software and the testing required by your sponsoring bank to make you a live Bacs submitter. They'll also be available whenever you have any queries about Bacs or the software.

Benefits of Bacscom Cloud

Having a cloud based solution appeals to many companies as it means that we do not need to install any of our software onto a clients machine.

Updates are applied by us automatically and you will still receive the same level of support that you would on our desktop solutions. Your data will be stored on our servers, and also backed up onto a different site so you can be sure that all your data is safe in the event that a PC breaks down.

Benefits of BacscomIP

While having the software hosted in the Cloud is appealing for many, some companies would rather the software be installed on site.

Updates are downloaded from our website, and from a users perspective they simply need to accept them. Your data will be stored on your own site (either on a server in a multi-user environment, or on the local PC for a single user).

BacscomIP and Bacscom Cloud in summary

  • Mosaic Software is a Bacs Approved Solution Supplier
  • Regular updates of the ISCD to validate sort codes
  • Modulus check performed on sort code and account combination
  • Secure, uses 256 bit encryption
  • BacscomIP and Bacscom Cloud are Bacs Approved

We keep our customers happy with our range of affordable, easy to use solutions. We can help you too. Why not call us on 01355 272641 for a free demo?

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